Church uses “Thriller” dance for outreach?????

I ran across this picture of a mega-church in Munster, Indiana which is near Gary, IN. Intrigued, I wanted to find out what kind of a church goes to this kind of trouble to make a church look like a gaudy pagan Roman temple. No surprise, then, that this church, called Family Christian Center, considers the late Michael Jackson a good role model and Christian.

For some odd reason, they seem to think reenacting Jackson’s thriller on stage with dancers from the church is a great outreach tool. Sorry, but I don’t get the connection with the gospel of Christ Jesus, salvation, or the biblical principle of NOT being like the world. And apparently they don’t either. This is nothing but a glorified amphitheater where ticket prices for concerts featuring “Christian” artists cost more than tickets to see the American Idols tour.

It’s a shame that apparently none of these people are being taught what being a true disciple of Jesus is supposed to be. I am flabbergasted at the biblical shallowness of the congregation, but mostly at the audacity of their leaders. This is all about entertainment and showboating. It’s obvious they do charitable work, but the motivation behind it is to attract people to the church, not to Jesus Christ.

These are wolves in very bad costume. So, how come they fool so many people then? 

May God have mercy on these blind sheep!


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  1. Posted by indywatchman on July 18, 2009 at 4:07 am


    I’m sorry that Indiana has stooped to this lowness, but I am not surprised. The swine flu pandemic has nothing on the disease that has infected the organized church. Actually what you describe is the self-evident scum that floats on the surface of a pond of water that has been polluted for a very long time, only not discerned as “unclean.”

    Religious buildings that have not yet become “self-evident,” that still hold out the promise of purity are slowly making their way to the surface. The men who are re-building Babel in their own likeness will soon be exposed. their confusion is becoming more and more apparent.

    These places are good mission fields. Some will see the travesty, the farce, for what it is, and will come out.

    One of the duties of the watchman is to be a hammer in the hands of God to break down and expose this mockery, and there is much work. We hold forth both sword and salvation, but few there be who know the time, or what to do.

    Steve Blackwell

  2. Thanks Steve, for your honest opinions.

    I used to worry about the people being deceived by such men as this pastor, but Jesus did say “Few there be that find it”. You and I cannot make people see the falseness and materialism these things are based on. Only people with honest hearts who are truly seeking God will find Him and the truth.

  3. People (many) do not have a clue what the church should be about.

    It is sad. The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

  4. Posted by randellcraiger on July 29, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Steve, where I live, one church has weight lifting teams, who put on shows at church…another church has a motor cycle club..shirts and all…the Pastor even road his bike inside of church; think he stole that routine from Kenneth Copeland.

    We are making it so easy and comfortable that there seems to be hardly no real honor and respect for God, but only honor for self with pleasures of the world as bait to draw the masses. My understanding is that Gods Word has such power, yet we constantly see man interjecting his ideas and schemes as methods to “draw them in.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against church members having fun and doing things together, but in my opinion there is a time and place for that. When the body comes together each Sunday, its primary focus should be upon Christ and edfying each other through Gods Word.

    If you want a big church today with many people and a lot of money, just mirror the world…bring in the Christain Rock, Christian Rap, the dram shows, and make it entertaining and what you will have is a bunch of sinners playing church each Sunday….my opinion.


  5. I agree with you Randy, to a large extent. As you said, “Gods Word has such power”, and so many think it’s needs their help.

    In cases like the ones you mention, the fear of God is non-existent. Reverence and holy worship cannot take place when the church becomes as filled with distractions as the world outside. I may be a bit of a Puritan, but I cringe when a preacher jokes too much, particularly when he’s preaching. There’s no honor to God when the fellowship is laughing at some witty quip. I don;t mind it very occasionally, but I wish I could hear more good expositional preaching and teaching.

    Our preachng minister is a communications expert by trade, so that is his emphasis and most of his sermons are more topical than I’d prefer. But, with encouragement from the elders and folk like myself, he is showing a lot of promise in exegesis and using the Word to make his points.

    No matter where you go, though, it seems church has simply become too much of a social “get together” and not enough time is spent teaching people how they ought to live. I actually get more inspired and challenged listening to some radio preachers. I heard a local one, who is of the OSAS persuasion, who was really tearing apart the popularity and blatnat audacity of the book “The Shack”. I admired him for preaching an unpopular message without apology. At least he’s consistent in challenging Christians to live it out.

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