Just a personal peeve

This will be short, but it’s prompted by two things:

1. My utter dislike for “performance oriented ” worship (?) an oxymoron if ever there was one.

2. My inability to perceive any real attempt to glorify God in much of CCM

Up front, I confess, I like most “Casting Crowns” songs, most of Chris Tomlin’s songs and a bevy of others that ring true in my heart and make me worshipful in mind and spirit. I also am a proponent of A-Capella singing in corporate worship. For me, it’s more a preference than a doctrine, but it’s avoids so much carnality when the focus is on singing to God instead of singing about to people.

Anyway, my peeve is this: so-called Christian artists who try to sound like someone who is secularly popular and who they aren’t suposed to want to be like…supposedly.

CSN radio plays a lot of edgy and pop style CCM and you hardly ever are told who the artists are (that’s an additional peeve). But what has bothered me lately is the affectation some of these artists take on which, for me, completely nullifies any spiritual benefit.  Over a short period of time I’ve heard artists that sound just like – Sara McLachlan, Tori Amos, and Dave Matthews. I had to really pay attention to the words in order to be sure it wasn’t one of the forgoing.

Please excuse me if I seem intolerant, but really, why should any Christian want to sound like a worldy and un-godly secular artist? I realize that many kids are influenced by what they were raised listening to and what they and their peers like, but must there be so much emphasis on sounding like anyone but yourself?

Time was, and still is with some artists, that you could tell their focus was on singing a song that lifted up Jesus and glorified God. For the most part (and I’m a guy who used to love Pink Floyd, Collective Soul, Jethro Tull, Aimee Mann and many other alternative bands) I see an emphasis on trying to sound cool and be popular in much of CCM today. People singing “I’d do anything for you, Jesus” and “You are the King of my life” but sounding like they’d rather be just like some popular rock band is not convincing. Most of CCM is pure junk and could be (and has been) played on secular radio without anyone getting a clue that the band is “Christian”.  And that is a crying shame.

My fear is that CCM is becoming very much the same kind of accessory that wearing a cross or even wearing free advertisements on clothing seems to be these days. After all, Brittany Spears is comfortable with the idea, in spite of her blatantly ungodly lifestyle, just to mention one sad example. The problem is that the idea of being a Christian in many churches and associations is not so much a lifestyle, but a nod to God. And not much more than that.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by indywatchman on June 23, 2009 at 3:34 am


    I am not a poet, but these words came to me as I read your letter.

    Satan still rules in this fallen world
    Now worship God boys and girls
    You’ve come so far, this freedom to win
    Rap it out loud, it ain’t sin
    The day will come when all will see
    your just being, all you can be
    The Lord knows I’m innocent, His death made me free
    Now away with your judging and come sing with me
    Rock it and Rap it, proclaim to the sun
    Worshiping Jesus can be so much fun
    Yes, of course, the days, are growing short
    But, I have oil in my lamp, and this is such great sport
    The goal is for world unity
    So we sing with impunity
    And the words don’t really matter
    As long as all souls are gathered
    You say, “we should stop this insanity” because it’s all vanity
    Why do you beg us? Why look, we’ve become mega
    What is that I hear, is that celebration?
    No, I tend to think more like Moses, this is not celebration it sounds more like rebellion
    The knock at the door waxes fainter and fainter
    While the drums and the guitars blast louder and louder
    And, the lights grow dim, and the oil grows thin
    And the vibrations from Heaven go away with the wind
    Other noises we now hear, from a distant band
    It is the sound of the Lord coming to retake the land
    The virgins all standing but only five remain white
    They conserved their oil for this prophesied night
    Now, what do I hear as the music starts failing
    It is not joy, all the people are wailing
    For they ignored all the warnings, and they partied till morning
    And now it’s too late, for He has closed the gate
    The master has returned for those still awake, a reward in His hand, an inheritance to take.
    If you can still read this, then don’t be afraid, for the door is still open, it is still called “Today.”

  2. Wow! Couldn’t have said it better myself, Steve.
    And I obviously didn’t. God have mercy on these spoiled believers (myself included) who I am very afraid will fall away when hardships and persecution come for the sake of Christ.

    We do not have the understanding or the faith that is necessary to carry us through the perilous and hard times to come. May God teach us what we need to experience before the time of true testing arrives!

    God bless and keep you brother.

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