Naked Truth – with Tact

Everyone knows that we, as believers in Christ, are to be honest and forthright in all things. In fact, I believe the Bible to be self validating for that very reason. God shows His vulnerability to rejection, His disappointment with mankind, and His deep and unfathomable love for His fallen creatures.

Peter endears himself to many, I believe, because he never holds himself up as anything but a bumbling servant of the Lord. None of the Gospels portrays him as anything but a brash, cocky and believably human anti-hero. Yet, God incarnate trusted him with the gospel, the very Plan of God to rescue mankind from the kingdom of darkness.

These goofballs that Christ chose to be with Him (Mark 3:13) proved over and over again to be forgetful, dense and even selfishly childish.  But, if nothing else, it shows that Jesus really did win at Calvary. His victory over Sin and Death did not depend on these men. Rather these men became the forerunners of the news that God had won!

How anyone can see the Bible as a made-up tale shows their own dishonesty, I believe. God’s heroes are often shown to be weak and fallible men, just like us. From Noah and Job, and to Gideon and David we see men greatly used by God in spite of their failures. Yet God shows that even they had to pay for their sins. Sin is a law that is as sure as gravity and death. And God pulls no punches. He lays the history of Israel’s constant disobedience bare. And yet His patience is so great. Yes, He punishes wayward Israel and Judah. But, He always longs for them to simply acknowledge Him and repent of their own misguided ways.

All that to say this.

While God and others show us that honesty is the best policy, we are advised to be wise and harmless also. If a person selling their house offers, on their own initiative, that they have had problems with water in the basement and bats in the attic, does that make you feel this person is someone you can trust? Or do you  immediately wonder if the person has any common sense?

A person selling a car won’t convince you to buy it if they honestly tell you about the myriad issues they’ve had with it. But, it would certainly impress you to see someone being so selfless in being that honest. When people see that we are who we say we are, it disarms them and causes them to be more comfortable around us. If we are up front about our weaknesses and confess that we share someones problems ourselves, it creates a sense of sharing. But, if we share with someone that we hear God speaking to us (even if it’s true), that will certainly cause the force-fields to come up.

God, in His wisdom, shows us all the warts and bruises of His ongoing work to redeem makind. Yet He never becomes less than an omnipotent, ever present and all-knowing God. He shows us His soft side, His angry side and His frustrated side. But, if you really read the Bible for what it is, God’s love letter and escape plan, you see that He never, ever does or says anything that doesn’t first prove His merciful patience and forbearing nature.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by memnan on May 12, 2009 at 4:49 am

    What a wonderful post…Out Father in heaven is always singing songs of deliverance over us…even when we rarely lift our eyes above ground level. And with His song on every wind we hear Him whispering…”Here this now…I will always come for you!” For indeed we are the Prince’s Bride…And His love is true!

  2. Good post brother, and very true.
    Thank you,

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