President Bush on Nightline

I was up late last night, doing some home repairs that needed immediate attention, so I got to bed about the time Nightline was coming on. It turned out that President Bush was giving Cynthia McFadden his take on religion and what it means to be President and believe in God.

I was interested enough to stay up even later and watched the first 15 minutes of the President’s interview. Let me just say this: Bush is the worst spokesman for religion I think I have ever seen. Even Joel Osteen does a better job of presenting what he believes than did President Bush.

Not once did the name of Jesus or Christ get mentioned. And the two times I heard him speak about God, the definition Bush ascribed was “the universal god”. His moment of conversion was apparently prompted by something Billy Graham said, but Bush did not elaborate at all. He simply said, “I went through the One Step program” in order to quit drinking. Now, granted, President Bush may have come to faith in Jesus, but he really didn’t make much of a case for it.

Ms. McFadden asked him about the Bible and Bush said he believed it was a good and helpful book but added that he was “not a literalist” and that he also thought scientific proof of evolution was compatible with believing the Bible. I beg to differ on one basic tenet. If trees and plants were created one day before the sun and moon, and these days amounted to thousands or millions of years, how did the trees and other plants survive that long without sunlight? Also, since God created birds on the fifth day and the Bible says they were flying above the earth that same day, how does this speak evolution?

To wrap this up, I must say I am less impressed with Busy every time I hear him speak. He may be a decent man and may be well intentioned, but I do not believe he is a true believer and I am more convinced than ever that he is, and has been, a puppet president. The man has never, to my knowledge ever been credited with saying anything that smacks of wisdom or above average intelligence…and I’m being kind.

What do you think?


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  1. I didn’t see the interview, but I’ve read about it. Disappointing, but somehow not surprising. He was supportive of The Purpose Driven Life, so that in itself speaks of a serious lack of discernment. I’ve prayed that someone with the truth would cross paths with him instead of the ecumenical leaders like Rick Warren and Billy Graham.

    While he breathes, there is hope. Amen?

  2. Posted by memnan on December 10, 2008 at 9:57 am

    Puppet Presidents….hmmmm…I wonder who first thought of that? The face of change…could he be another puppet? Have we been “snookered” for some time now?

  3. Jen,

    It’s very sad and it just blows my mind that I actually thought the man was smarter than he sounded for so long!

    I do pray for him because I think he is clueless about real salvation.


    My point exactly! Obama is a puppet as well. A paucity of experience, no real qualifications, and questionable authorship. Lot’s of charisma though! I guess that is all that’s needed?

  4. Posted by sreneetn1 on December 11, 2008 at 4:10 am

    I too was fooled by Bush from the beginning – now I view all political personalities the same – you cannot get where they are by being a Christian, by being true to God’s word…the world would reject you if you did.

    I have come to realize, thank God, that it is He that is in control, He establishes the rulers, therefore, as you and others have pointed out, I pray. God’s will Will be done, in spite of who appears to be in control.

    Of course that doesn’t change the disgusts that we feel as we watch our “christian” leaders mouth blasphemy – it also doesn’t change the disgusts I feel in regards of myself believing them once upon a time.

  5. Posted by Dr. James Galyon on December 11, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Mr. Bush isn’t a Christian, he’s a United Methodist. 😉
    I say that tongue in cheek, but if you consider where many denominations are as a whole, it explains a lot about what their members believe. There are a lot of solid Methodist pastors and church members, but they are a clear minority within the UMC.

  6. Ok, now I’ve seen the interview, and it’s worse than I thought. It’s clear that he really listened to Billy Graham.

    The only bright spot? That he knows he should not be a preacher. Had to agree with him there.

  7. Posted by flee the wrath on December 19, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Hi PK, Heard about the interview but did not see it. I do recall Bush being quite bold on one occasion many years ago and saying that Jesus Christ had changed his heart. Shame that he’s not quite so bold now.
    As to being a puppet president, I think that’s just the nature of the beast. No pun intended.
    If you thought Bush was bad, personally I reckon that Obama will be a heck of a lot worse.
    O’bama’s team uses his “christianity” which is not in any sense the faith of Christ, as a platform for his presidency, no doubt about it. It’s high time the American Christian church (the real one) rebuked their leaders who say they are one thing and yet are something completely different. It is like allowing false prophets to arise and the church is complicit in it’s silence. Then again perhaps the church has drifted so far from the faith that it cannot even discern who is a false prophet and who is not.

  8. Posted by jlnota on December 25, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Whether or not Busch or president elect Obama are Christians don’t really matter to me. They are both politicians and would be stupid not to claim to be Christian. I think it would be impossible for a confessing atheist to be elected president.

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