“Religious Right” twists Obama’s words

I don’t like Obama, and won’t vote for him, naturally. But, to expect a president to kowtow to what Christians believe is wrong. America is not and has never been a “Christian” nation. If you watch the whole video where he speaks about religion and how it isn’t compatible with common law, he is absolutely right. The Christian Right is not biblical! There is no scriptural authority whatsoever for us to do anything other than pray for our leaders and to honor them. Yet the “Religious Right” are planning to manipulate Obama’s words to suit their agenda, which is a Theocracy for Christians. Their ambitions are Preteristic Dominionism

Here’s Obama’s actual speech

Here’s the chopped version I was sent

Peter went so far as to say “Honor the Emperor…” who turned out to be …. Nero; the same Emperor of Rome who is credited with killing Paul and Peter as well as causing the deaths of thousands of Christians. Christ is our King and Lord….not a president who does what we say. God ordained Nero and Domitian ( evil and murderous men) as the leaders of Rome during the period of Christianity’s infancy. God’s in charge and we shoudn’t wish for a President who thinks just like we do. We should pray for a president who will do what God wills, even if it seems bad for believers, and even if he doesn’t realize that God is fulfilling His purpose through his position.

Evangelicals are turning people away from God by not realizing that the world is NOT the Kingdom of God. It is still the kingdom of darkness and most of the world’s people are blinded by the god of this world. We are not to judge the world but, rather, ourselves.

Hopefully ths is my last rant about other “Christians”. I’m just sick of all the foolishness and fear I may be becoming foolish, too.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this issue.

  2. Thanks Jen!

    I’d comment a lot more on your blog [like you’d want that!] but blogspot and youtube are blocked at work. Maybe you need to switch to WordPress?

    I enjoyed the song lyrics from Cats! I have yet to see that show. Of course, unless it’s revived, I’ll have to watch the DVD version someday.

  3. Oh, at this point I’m “married” to blogspot. I started a blog (with some friends) on wordpress, but we never really got it going. We all got really busy, and it never took off. But I found that blogspot seemed easier to navigate, at least for me.

    I’ve never seen Cats either, but I once sent my parents to see it when it was making the rounds down in Florida. They loved it.

    BTW, did you hear Obama’s speech at the DNC convention? From the adulation he received, I’d venture to guess that this very deceived nation is going to get more than it bargains for. I’m just grateful that God is in total control.

  4. If you persist on being “faithful” you’ll understand my infrequent comments then?

    I haven’t paid that much attention to the Dem convention. What little I watched struck me as un-inspired. There just doesn’t seem to be much passion involved and I cannot figure out what is so mesmerizing about Obama for some people. He’s charismatic, smart, and well educated but the man is very vague about what he plans to do even if he’s elected!

    On the other hand, I am quite jazzed about McCain’s VP pick! I am not a McCain fan, but he’s scored a lot of points with his choice, i think. I just wish he’d not been so magnanimous with his message after Obama’s nomination.

  5. Come by when you can — I know we’re friends even if it’s infrequent. 🙂

    I only happened to catch part of the convention on the radio when flipping stations. I wouldn’t have sought that out…

    I was pretty happy with McCain’s choice too! I hadn’t heard much about her before today, but what I read today sounds excellent. She scores high points with me for having her Down syndrome baby, and for being pro-life in general.

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