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“Religious Right” twists Obama’s words

I don’t like Obama, and won’t vote for him, naturally. But, to expect a president to kowtow to what Christians believe is wrong. America is not and has never been a “Christian” nation. If you watch the whole video where he speaks about religion and how it isn’t compatible with common law, he is absolutely right. The Christian Right is not biblical! There is no scriptural authority whatsoever for us to do anything other than pray for our leaders and to honor them. Yet the “Religious Right” are planning to manipulate Obama’s words to suit their agenda, which is a Theocracy for Christians. Their ambitions are Preteristic Dominionism

Here’s Obama’s actual speech

Here’s the chopped version I was sent

Peter went so far as to say “Honor the Emperor…” who turned out to be …. Nero; the same Emperor of Rome who is credited with killing Paul and Peter as well as causing the deaths of thousands of Christians. Christ is our King and Lord….not a president who does what we say. God ordained Nero and Domitian ( evil and murderous men) as the leaders of Rome during the period of Christianity’s infancy. God’s in charge and we shoudn’t wish for a President who thinks just like we do. We should pray for a president who will do what God wills, even if it seems bad for believers, and even if he doesn’t realize that God is fulfilling His purpose through his position.

Evangelicals are turning people away from God by not realizing that the world is NOT the Kingdom of God. It is still the kingdom of darkness and most of the world’s people are blinded by the god of this world. We are not to judge the world but, rather, ourselves.

Hopefully ths is my last rant about other “Christians”. I’m just sick of all the foolishness and fear I may be becoming foolish, too.


I’m sick of American “Christians!

Alright, I’m really allowing myself to get too frustrated with these people, but it amazes me how off the mark they are!

Pray at the Pump movement to lower gas prices? Can God lower gas prices? Sure!! But, is THAT what we should be praying for? I wonder how many of these folks have considered that maybe God would prefer they pray for PEOPLE???? Maybe even the gas station attendant or cashier?

LaHaye (and Stubble) plans to re-make his book series movies so they can portray the Left Behind “milk it for all it’s worth” series in a more professional light. Great! Now he’ll just be able to convince more people they can wait till after the non-existent “Rapture” to get saved!

A day of prayer and fasting in N’awlins but, concessions will be open for the entire six hour period including snack bar and smoothie bar! We don’t want to take fasting too seriously folks!

Lou Engels – IHOP leader and Latter Rain proponent asking Christians to fast for 40 days and pray. He says “He says “We (?) must bear the iniquity in 40 days of fasting and intercession for the past 40 years of divorcing God in America, embracing a culture of sexual immorality, hedonism, materialism, abortion and the rejection of Christ in public places. But we are also calling for 40 days of fasting and prayer for the greatest outbreak of Kingdom power, in signs and wonders, and the spiritual awakening in America that will collide with this present darkness and topple its cultural dominion over our people. Thousands went on 40-day fasts in 1946 and in 1947, the great healing revivals broke out. In 1948, the Latter Rain outpourings began, Bill Bright and Billy Graham’s ministries were born, and Israel became a nation. Could it be that the 40-day fast preceded this explosion of power by the Spirit? After Jesus’ 40-day fast, the scripture says He returned in the power of the Spirit. Yes the promise of Joel 2 is that after the fast, “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…”

Hmmm. Sorry Mr.Engels, but that happened in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost. Just read what Peter says. If the results of fasting are Latter Rain, Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Jim and Tammy Bakker and the half-gospel of the Billy Graham Crusades, I think I’ll pass!

America – God blessed? Christian??

This great article by John MacArthur (whom I admire in spite of our theological differences) reviews a book that appears to reveal the way Americans have co-opted Jesus Christ politically and in many other temporal ways over the centuries. Personally, I think politics is just another distraction from the devil. Vote your conscience, not for who you think has a shot. Just who or what do you have faith in? God or your itsy bitsy vote??

America is not, and has never been, a “Christian” nation. It may have been, and still is (barely) a bastion of freedom so that Christians could worship freely and not suffer martyrdom and persecution from other religious folk but, it was not founded by Christian men. Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Paine, Ethan Allen and many others were Diests – which are a long ways from what we consider Christians. John Adams was a Unitarian (no Jesus there).

Come return to your place in the pews,
And hear our heretical views:
You were not born in sin
So lift up your chin,
You have only your dogmas to lose.

~Leonard Mason, Unitarian Minister

Franklin was the epitome of a situational ethicist. A very intelligent man, he said, “That wise Men have in all Ages thought Government necessary for the Good of Mankind; and, that wise Governments have always thought Religion necessary for the well ordering and well-being of Society, and accordingly have been ever careful to encourage and protect the Ministers of it, paying them the highest publick Honours, that their Doctrines might thereby meet with the greater Respect among the common People.” It was politically expedient that the new government garner support from the majority of immigrants who had fled Europe to obtain religious freedom. Franklin was shrewd, but did not believe in Jesus Christ as the savior of mankind.

America has been blessed in the past. Yet our prosperity and resulting elitism has harmed the gospel message much more than it has helped recently. The so-called “Christian Right” leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Patriotism is not about God! It’s allegiance to a nation; a kingdom of this world! Should we thank God we’re Americans? Yes, but we should be most thankful for our freedom to worship and live for Him up to this point. But, how many of us really take advantage of the freedoms we have for Jesus’ sake?

So, to make this short…. vote like you mean it or don’t vote at all. And by that, I mean vote like your soul depends on your choice. God’s will shall be done, with or without your vote. The scripture makes very clear that God, not we foolish humans, ordains who our leaders will be. You know the early Christians would neverhave voted Nero, Decius or Diocletian into office. Yet God ordained that the church should suffer persecution unto death because that was how the church was destined to grow – through persecution. Is that time coming again? Doubtless. God must shake out the chaff so that the world can see what the real church looks like. Maybe that’s what we should be praying for.

God have mercy on America and judge her. And that is NOT an oxymoron.

We are gods?

The idea that we humans are gods is rampant these days. According to Marianne Williamsons’ book “A Course in Miracles” and any number of other New Age prophets, like Donald Neal Walsh, WE ARE GODS. We just happen to have forgotten we are divine. We have the power of creation in us and so on.

I will let God answer this hogwash:

And which of you by being anxious can add a cubit unto the measure of his life? ” – Jesus Christ (Luke 12:25 ASV)


Tell us what is to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods; do good, or do harm, that we may be dismayed and terrified. Behold, you are nothing, and your work is less than nothing; an abomination is he who chooses you.” (Isaiah 41:23-24 ESV)

Take any one of these teachers, place them in the middleof the Mojave desert without any water, clothing or food, and let’s see them survive. They can’t! We are not self-sufficient folks! Everything we need to live comes from OUTSIDE our bodies. That means everything we receive is a gift from God who created it in the first place.

We own nothing in this world; we only borrow things for the short time we are here on this earth. We create nothing. We only use what is created to make things that will not last.