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I have to ask my pastor?

Fox News has more on the Burger King “Have It Your Way” spirituality of arrogant America which allegedly “remains a nation of believers and, while this is not the time for it, I have come to many conclusions that I believe are supported scripturally, that run counter to the fables many hold today as scriptural truths. I am sure I am wrong about some of them, but I am positive that many things supposed are just not taught in the Bible at all! I hope to share these with you and wish to be corrected, convincingly by scripture, if I am wrong.

I absolutely hate it, though, when a person’s only response to a challenge to widely held beliefs is “I’ll have to ask my pastor about that.” I mean, come on! Are you willing to put that much confidence in a man (or woman) ? When we are talking about being right or wrong about eternal things, I think any honest and sincere person’s first response should be, “Let’s see what the Word has to say.” or ” Let me study that and I’ll get back to you.” Unfortunately, I believe many, many people will miss out on eternal life because they didn’t value immortality enough and/or didn’t really believe what they say they do.

A statistic that I ran across recently said that more than half the people who graduate from college will never take the time to sit down a read an entire book ever again in their lives. More disturbing is the apparent reality that most professing Christians have never read anything but bits and pieces of the very Bible they claim to believe. As a wise man once said “Having 2,000 books in your library is like having 2,000 professors in your home.” Of course, that would be only true if the books had some real knowledge to impart! But, seriously, people need to read and seek for the truth. But, we must also weigh and measure everything against the Word of God (not Eugene Peterson’s commentary, “The Message”) letting It take precedence always.

I have entertained many different theologies, soteriological and eschatology theories since becoming a true believer almost two years ago. Raised in a perfectionist setting, my initial feeling was that I was a lone Christian because I couldn’t find any other perfect believers. That’s correct. I thought I was the only sinless person in town because all I met were believers who claimed they still sinned! It was only after I began studying the Bible for myself that I came to the realization that I wasn’t perfect. In fact, my believing I was, was proof enough. Christ said “No one is good but God alone”; Paul said “if a man thinks he is something, then he is nothing” and the fact that Jesus advised his disciples (whose names were “written in the book of life”) to pray “forgive us our sins and we forgive those who sin against us”.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path, ” (Psalms 119:105 RV)